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Nanotechnology – The Next Revolution

Instant Event Ideas

Agent Cody Banks

To his family and friends, Cody Banks is a typical teen. But Cody has a secret – he is actually part of a teen CIA program. "Cody's [first] mission is to attend every class with Natalie - the daughter of a brilliant scientist - and befriend her in order to spy on her dad, the creator of a fleet of microscopic robots [nanobots], which bad guys plan to use for nefarious purposes."


1. If you take out the teen CIA program, do you think the movie is realistic?

2. Do you think developing "nanobots" that are able to destroy oil is a good idea? What are the cons for inventing such a technology?

3. The scientist refuses to collaborate with the bad guys when he realizes that they want to develop a "nano-weapon". Do you think he should have realized that earlier?

4. What was the main interest of the scientist? Why did he choose to work for these people?

5. Is the scientist a victim or a perpetrator?

6. How could scientists, in general, be "protected" from working for the "bad guys"?