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Nanotechnology – The Next Revolution

Suggested Articles

Scientists told to think small
by Garry Barker

"Nanotechnology is an all-embracing term to describe developments in
electronics, medicine, engineering, communications - almost every aspect of
modern life - at an atomic or molecular level. It is now, scientists say,
possibly the most important branch of research and development on this
planet, tackling everything from global communications to building a better
pair of shoes."

by Mike Treder

"Imagine a world with billions of desktop-size, portable, nonpolluting,
cheap machines that can manufacture almost anything-from clothing to
furniture to electronics, and much more – in just a few hours. Today, such
devices do not exist. But in the years ahead, this advanced form of
nanotechnology could create the next Industrial Revolution – or the world's
worst nightmare."

ON THE RECORD: NANOTECHNOLOGY: Unlocking the smallest secrets

"...[C]ould nanotechnology -- the design of materials about 50,000 times
smaller than the width of a human hair -- bring changes in medicine,
computing and energy, to name just a few arenas, that now seem like the
realm of science fiction?"

For Science, Nanotech Poses Big Unknowns
By Rick Weiss

"Nanotechnology, the hot young science of making invisibly tiny machines and
materials, is stirring public anxiety and nascent opposition inspired by
best-selling thrillers that have demonized the science -- and new studies
suggesting that not everything in those novels is fantasy."