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Scientific Research Funding

Suggested Articles

Does Industry Funding Deserve a Bad Rap?
by Tori DeAngelis

"Partnering with industry--though it can be lucrative--can challenge scientific reporting and exchange. Psychologists and universities are learning ways to negotiate this increasingly common relationship."

National Science Foundation report: Science and Technology: Public Attitudes and Public Understanding

"Although Americans express a high level of interest in S&T, they lack confidence in their knowledge of these subjects. In 2001, less than 15 percent thought that they were well informed about S&T. In addition, few Americans follow news stories about scientific breakthroughs, research, and exploration. Those with more years of formal education and those who have taken more courses in science and mathematics are more likely than others to express a high level of interest in S&T and to believe that they are well informed."

CDC Toolkit: the Federal Trough
by Jim Austin

"When it comes to finding funding for scientific research in the United States, most people think first about the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH)--and for good reason. NIH sponsors a huge amount of research into science related to human health and disease, and NSF supports more researchers in basic science than anyone else does."

The Economics of Science: Interview with Terence Kealey
by JR Minkel

"After months of delay and uncertainty, the US Congress finished work on the 2003 US budget in February, approving large spending increases for the NSF and NIH. Science advocates worry that 2004 could see a dramatically smaller boost. But would science necessarily suffer if government spending stopped rising? No, says Terrance Kealey, a clinical bio-chemist and vice-chancellor of the University of Buckingham in England."