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Media's Role in the Public Perception of National Security

Suggested Articles

Bureau of Missing Bureaus by Lucinda Fleeson

"Although television networks have closed many of their expensive foreign outposts, executives say they can cover the world just as well by dispatching reporters from central hubs. But critics say the shuttered offices come at a steep cost to the public. What is the future for foreign news on TV?"

The British Invasion by Lori Robertson

"Many Americans searching for a different view of the war in Iraq turned to the British Broadcasting Corp. Does the BBC offer a more aggressive and complete approach to the news, or a tilt to the left— or both?"


Is Media Bias Filtering Out Good News from Iraq?

"Are the media ignoring the good news in Iraq? From pundits to White House officials, that's what many critics are saying. . .While these complaints have sparked extensive discussion and debate in the media, an examination of coverage finds very little substance to this critique of media treatment of Iraq."

A Terrorist Tet in Washington and Baghdad

"The key lesson of Tet, the turning point in the Vietnam war, is that if the enemy can create the media perception that the U.S. is losing, our military withdrawal may not be far behind because the Congress could then reduce funding for the mission."