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Civil Liberties in War Time

Event Ideas

The following is a list of resources that may be used for chapter meetings and events. Ideas range from book clubs to movie nights and from roundtable discussions to large events.


  • Government's Greatest Achievement's: From Civil Rights to Homeland by Paul C. Light's

  • Dependent on DC by Charlotte Twight

  • In Pursuit of Privacy: Law, Ethics, and Technology by Judith DeCew

  • Locked up Tight by Margaret Graham Tebo

  • The Limits of Privacy by Amitai Etzioni

  • The End of Privacy: How Total Surveillance is Becoming Reality by Reg Whitaker

  • Risks of National Identity Cards by Peter G. Neumann and Lauren Weinstein

  • Security, Fear, and National ID Cards by Steven M. Cherry

  • The Media and Morality by Baird, Loges, and Rosenbaum

Law Reviews

Congressional Legislation