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The Integrity of Science

Media Coverage

Issues of scientific integrity are found in the news more than you might often expect. Scientific fraud, politicization of science, scandals in the drug industry, and controversial environmental science are just a few examples. Check back to stay informed; this page will be updated with the latest news.


Political Interference In Science

7-12-07 Surgeon General Accuses Bush Administration of Ignoring Science
SPUSA MindFull Blog

1-25-07 Harvard Stem Cell Researchers Speak out over "Misuse" of their Work
SPUSA MindFull Blog

6-9-06 Inconsistent Information Policies Jeopardize Research, Panel Says
New York Times

6-8-06 Researcher Alleges Climate Cover-Up
Rocky Mountain News

5-2-06 For Science's Gatekeepers, A Credibility Gap
New York Times

3-19-06 Rewriting the Science
CBS 60 Minutes

2-26-06 Bush Science Push Fails to Transform Critics
National Public Radio

2-24-06 Chromium Evidence Buried, Report Says
Washington Post

1-18-06 Rockefeller University President Warns of Waning Integrity in Biomedical Research
Rockefeller Newswire

1-29-06 Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him
New York Times

9-26-04 Scientists Express Concern Over White House Policies
National Public Radio

2-20-04 White House Science Policy
National Public Radio


Ethics in Research/ Research Misconduct

09-18-07 UK Science Head Backs Ethics Codes

10-28-06 Ethics Rules Send NIH Scientists Packing
USA Today

6-12-06 Biologist Charged With More Fraud
The Scientist

6-7-06 Harvard Announces Private Project to Make Stem Cells
The Washington Post

5-26-06 Synthetic Biologists Debate Policing Themselves
Science (Subscription Required)

2-21-06 Professors Weigh in on Impact of Fraud in Biomedical field
Advance, University of Conn.

3-05 Scientist Admits Faking Data on Obesity Research
National Public Radio

Industry and Conflict of Interest Funding

10-17-06 Former F.D.A. Chief Is Charged With Conflict
New York Times

10-13-06 GM Regulator on Panel Funded by Biotech Majors
India Times

8-28-06 Journal Editor Quits In Conflict Scandal
The Scientist

8-8-06 Some Seek To Lift Veil on Research Funding
Boston Globe

7-26-06 No Double Standard at JAMA
Washington Post

7-23-06 Rules Planned for Industry Ties on F.D.A Boards
New York Times

7-19-06 Medical Reviews Face Criticism Over Lapses
Wall Street Journal

7-2-06 What's Wrong with Money in Science?
Washington Post

6-2-06 Bristol-Myers Ends No-Strings Grants
Science (Requires Subscription)

5-31-06 Merck Admits a Data Error on Vioxx
The New York Times

4-20-06 Top Mental Health Guide Questioned
Washington Post
You can also read an article on this subject in the The New York Times and Medical News Today

3-28-06 Scientist Raps Vioxx Claims
Boston Globe