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Space and Security

Suggested Articles

Arms Race in Space? U.S. Air Force Quietly Focuses on Space Control
by Theresa Hitchens, Jeffrey Lewis

"While the U.S. Congress was debating the defense budget this summer, Air Force officials were downplaying their efforts to develop small, orbiting weapons to disrupt or destroy enemy satellites."

Space ‘Increasingly Important,' SPACECOM Chief Says
by Gerry J. Gilmore

"American military involvement in space will become more critical to national security in coming years, said U.S. Space Command's top officer."

The threat in China’s space race
by Li Thian-hok

"China launched Shenzhou V, its first manned spacecraft, for a mission of 14 orbits on Oct. 14."

Protesters Fear Nuclear Arms in Space
by Robin McKie

"Scientists are preparing plans to build nuclear rockets to explore the solar system. Space engineers say the plan is essential if mankind is to send large, complex spaceships to neighbouring planets and to search for life. "