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Outbreaks and Safety Concerns in Biodefense Research

Suggested Articles

SARS's Second Act, Playing in Laboratories
by Lawrence K. Altman

"When the SARS epidemic ended last July, experts were concerned that it would come back from wherever it hid in nature. But officials of the World Health Organization were just as worried about a new epidemic emerging from a SARS sample that escaped from one of the many laboratories working with it.
Those fears were confirmed by two accidents in Singapore and Taiwan in August and December."

Loose Monkey Teaches Biodefense Lab a Lesson on the Hazards of Secrecy

"Davis citizens were understandably angered when the story broke on Monday that a monkey had escaped from UCD's primate breeding facility, which rears animals for biodefense experiments. University officials had been hiding the story for ten days...UCD says the rhesus disease-free; but citizens are asking the obvious questions: Why did UCD keep the escape secret?"

SARS labs unsafe, says WHO: Scientific advisors call for international regime to regulate pathogens Biocontainment
by Robert Walgate

"In a recent update on the lab error that led to escapes of the virus from the Institute of Virology in Beijing, WHO said the SARS virus is being held in some laboratories around the world at an "inappropriate containment level."

Expert: Labs are biggest SARS Threat
by Steve Mitchell

"The recent case of a Taiwanese man who contracted SARS while working with the virus in a laboratory underscores the need for developing better safeguard procedures for scientific research with the disease..."