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Nuclear Bunker Busters

Suggested Articles

Underground Nuclear Weapons Testing

"Since 1963, the United States has conducted all of its nuclear weapons tests underground in accordance with the terms of the Limited Test Ban Treaty. Hence, complete containment of all nuclear weapons tests is a dominant consideration in nuclear test operations."

Fire in the Hole: Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Options for Counter Proliferation
by Michael Levi, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

"Reacting to America's military revolution, Iraq and others began to build underground, where their facilities were easier to conceal and harder to destroy. The proliferation of chemical and biological weapons, often built in apparently typical industrial facilities, presented new challenges for finding targets and avoiding collateral damage during attack. Nuclear weapons designers identified these requirements as potential missions for new nuclear weapons."

USA looks at nuclear role in bunker busting
by Geoffrey Forden, Jane's Intelligence Review

"Geoffrey Forden investigates the technical issues associated with the development of low-yield nuclear weapons to destroy underground bunkers."


Nuclear bunker busters' sought
by Dan Stober, Mercury News

"Demonstrating a significant shift in America's nuclear strategy, the Bush administration intends to produce—not just research – a thermonuclear bunker-busting bomb to destroy hardened, deeply buried targets, the Pentagon has acknowledged for the first time."