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Academia's Biological Studies in War Time

Suggested Articles

ICRC Initiative on Biotechnology, Weapons and Humanity

"The ICRC initiative on Biotechnology, Weapons and Humanity was prompted by the need to reduce the risk that biotechnology will be used to the detriment of humanity. It is intended to promote serious reflection on the risks, rules and responsibilities related to advances in this area."

Professor in plague case gives up medical license

"A former Texas Tech University professor convicted in a case that sprang out of a bioterrorism scare has relinquished his Texas medical license. Dr. Thomas Butler, 62, resigned from the Tech Health Sciences Center effective Jan. 31."

Science Publishing in the Age of Bioterrorism by Ronald Atlas

"Academic science depends on the public circulation of knowledge and research. Do new national security concerns threaten this process?"

International Access to American Higher Education

"In the wake of September 11, 2001, and in light of heightened concerns about terrorism and the proliferation of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons, the U.S. government has implemented a series of measures to regulate and monitor the flow of international students and scholars into the United States."