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Stem Cell Event Ideas

Whether you're the leader of a Student Pugwash chapter or a student interested in organizing an event on the stem cell debate, you can benefit from the ideas below! Want to learn more about organizing Student Pugwash events on your campus?


Soylent Green: A tale of Earth in despair in 2022. Natural food like fruits, vegetables, and meat among others are now extinct. Earth is overpopulated and New York City has 40 million starving, poverty stricken people. The only way they survive is with water rations and eating a mysterious food called Soylent. A detective investigates the murder of the president of the Soylent company. The truth he uncovers is more disturbing than the Earth in turmoil when he learns the secret ingredient of Soylent Green. (Summary from IMDB)


The DNA Files
Genetic science affects us every day: our health, our food, our families. The DNA Files explains how. Hosted by John Hockenberry and guided by a outstanding panel of advisors, the documentaries and features explore not only the science of genetics, but its ethical, social, and legal implications. (Summary from Producer)

A Stem Cell Story
A 15-minute documentary from EuroStemCell, the European Consortium for Stem Cell Research. Won the award for best short film at SCINEMA 2006, the 6th International Festival of Science Film, in Sydney, Australia in August 2006. The documentary can be viewed online or you can order a DVD.

International Society for Stem Cell Research
Videos and images of stem cells from the (including stem cell differentiation, use in rats, and leading scientists discussing stem cells).

Stem Cell Research
A brief review on how stem cell research can help scientists understand disease. From the MIT Insider

Stem Cells
A 34-minute documentary inside James Thomson's laboratory at the University of Wisconsin, where stem cells were first cultured. Producer/writer, Bill Stonebarger. Madison, WI : Hawkhill Associates, c2005.