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Mental Health in the Media



Pharmaceutical Mental Health Funding

Journal Editor Quits In Conflict Scandal
August 28, 2006 The Scientist

Study Finds a Link of Drug Makers to Psychiatrists
April 20, 2006 Washington Post
You can also read an article on this subject in the The New York Times, and Medical News Today

To read the paper referred to in the article above see:
Financial Ties between DSM-IV Panel Members and the Pharmaceutical Industry,” Psychotherapy & Psychometrics, 2006, 75:154-160

Psychiatric Labels Plague Women's Mental Health
May 16, 2006 Commentary Women's ENews

Global Mental Health

Mentally Ill Patients Paid to Take Medication
January 4, 2007

Women Facing Mental Health Problems in Darfur
December 15, Reuters

Firms Urged to Help Mentally Ill
October 9, 2006 BBC

A Spoonful of Medicine-– And a Steady Diet of Normality
January 27, 2006 Science
(Subscription required)

Youth Mental Health Patients Give Training to Psychiatrists
June 6, 2006 YPN Magazine

Canadian Drink Tax Urged To Aid Mentally Ill
May 9, 2006 CNews, Canada

Mental Health Conference in Africa: IMC to Highlight Innovative Programs
April 12, 2006 Relief Web

Mental Health Worries Experts
June 18, 2006 New Vision, Uganda

China: Healing the Metaphorical Heart
January 27, 2006 Science
(Subscription required)

The Unseen: Mental Illness's Global Toll
January 27, 2006 Science
(Subscription required)

Social Network's Healing Power Is Borne Out in Poorer Nations
June 27, 2005 Washington Post

Large Study on Mental Illness Finds Global Prevalence
June 2, 2004 New York Times

Surge in Mental Disorders Predicted
January 9, 2001 BBC News

Kendra's Law

Kendra's Law Passes in Albuquerque Amid Protests
September 20, 2006, Albuquerque Tribune

Laura's Law May Be Extended
(Laura's Law is California's version of Kendra's Law)
April 24, 2006 Union of Grass Valley, CA

New Mexico Considers Commitment Law Based on Kendra's Law
February 7, 2006 New York Times

Read articles on Kendra's Law by a conference speaker from our 2006 conference on mental health, Mr. Gresham, JD, Senior Litigator for NY Lawyers for the Public Interest:

Implementation of "Kendra's Law" is Severely Biased (pdf)

Summary on Kendra's Law (pdf)


Researchers to Create Autism Databank
January 11, 2007 Boston Globe

CDC Funds Largest Study of Autism's Cause
October 10, 2006 Deseret News

Researchers Discovered Key Deficiencies in Brains of People with Autism
July 13, 2006 Science Daily

300,000 Children in US Found to Have Autism
May 5, 2006 Washington Post

Autism Has High Costs to U.S. Society
April 15, 2006 Harvard School of Public Health News Release

Read article on autism by a conference speaker from our 2006 conference on mental health, Dr. McVicar:

Landau-Kleffner syndrome, electrical status epilepticus in slow wave sleep, and language regression in children
Mental retardation and developmental disabilities research reviews 2004;10(2):144-9, McVicar, KA and Shinnar, S.

Lack of Mental Health Care in U.S.

Senate Passes Mental Health Parity Bill
September 19, 2007 New York Times

Mental Health Treament by Video: A Growing Trend in U.S. Rural Areas Short of Psychiatrists
October 9, International Herald Tribune

Prisons Lacking Mental Health Treatment
September 6, 2006 Washington Post

Mental Health Parity
No Date Available, American Psychological Center

Mental Health Services in Need of Help, Funds
April 7, 2006 Herald-Dispatch Huntington, WV

Our Crazy Mental Health System (Book Review)
April 12, 2006 Salon

Struggle for Control: Mental Health Care Coverage is Lacking
April 27, 2006 Deseret Morning News, Utah


Children/ Youth and Mental Illness

Off to College Alone, Shadowed by Mental Illness
December 8, 2006 New York Times

NIMH-Funded National Comorbidity Survey Replication Study (NCS-R): Mental Illness Exacts Heavy Toll, Beginning in Youth
Updated June 14, 2005 National Institute of Mental Health

Mental Illness in Children
September 22, 2003 NPR’s Morning Edition

Minorities and Mental Health

Mental Health Care for Black Communities Discriminates, Minister Says
October 6, 2006 Community Care UK

Racial Disparities Found in Pinpointing Mental Illness
June 28, 2005 Washington Post



Violence and Mental Illness- How Strong is the Link?
November 16, New England Journal of Medicine

Mental Health Crime Link Studied
July 28, 2006, BBC

In Diabetes, One More Burden for the Mentally Ill
June 12, 2006 New York Times

Mentally Ill Troops Sent Into Combat
May 13, 2006 MSNBC

The Age of Depression
Winter 2005 Public Interest

Healers Prescribe Tribal Tradition; 'White Man's Medicine' Is Secondary to Time-Honored Customs
June 26, 2005 Washington Post

Patients' Diversity Is Often Discounted; Alternatives to Mainstream Medical Treatment Call for Recognizing Ethnic, Social Differences
June 26, 2005 Washington Post