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Genetics and Race:
Current Research and Societal Impact


A Decade of ELSI Research

Researchers summarize various studies and findings which explore the public's understanding of race and genetics, and the potential impact of genetics on existing cultural paradigms.

"The accelerated pace of genetic discovery has provided novel insights into mechanisms of health and disease. Increased human genome knowledge will impact most Americans' lives within this decade. As part of an ELSI project examining beliefs about individual and group differences, we examined how Americans used genetic terms and understood related genetic concepts."


ALFRED has been designed to make allele frequency data on anthropologically defined human population samples readily available to the scientific community and to link these polymorphism data to the molecular genetics-human genome databases.

Many groups have expressed concern that the type of data in ALFRED could
potentially be used to stigmatize or justify discrimination against some particular ethnic group. By entering ALFRED you agree that you will not use the data to stigmatize or justify discrimination against any ethnic group.