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Event Ideas

The following is a list of resources that may be used for chapter meetings and events. Ideas range from book clubs to movie nights and from roundtable discussions to large events.


  • The Boys from Brazil

  • Multiplicity

  • The 6th Day

  • Gattaca

Suggested Speakers

  • Elizabeth Blackburn
    Cell Biologist
    University of California San Francisco

  • Reverend Kevin T. Fitzgerald
    Georgetown University

  • Larry Goldstein
    Stem Cell Researcher
    University of Califonia San Diego

  • Leon Kass, Ph.D.
    Presidential Council on Bioethics

  • Robert Lanza, M.D.
    Medical Director
    Advanced Cell Technologies

  • Tim McCaffrey
    Cardiovascular Researcher
    George Washington University

  • Elizabeth Marincola
    Executive Director
    The American Society for Cell Biology

  • Bernard Siegel
    Founder, Executive Director, Child Advocacy Attorney
    Genetics Policy Institute

  • Evan Snyder
    Stem Cell Expert
    Burnham Institute

  • Irving Weissman
    Stem Cell Researcher
    Stanford University


Books and Publications

  • Our Post-Human Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution
    by Francis Fukuyama

  • Human Cloning and Human Dignity: Report of the President's Council on Bioethics
    Foreword by Leon R. Kass

  • The Ethics of Human Cloning
    by Leon R. Kass and James Q. Wilson

  • Cloning and the Future of Human Embryo Research
    by Paul Lauritzen (ed)

  • Human Cloning: Science, Ethics, and Public Policy
    by Barbara MacKinnon (ed)

  • The Human Cloning Debate
    by Glenn McGee (ed)

  • Clones and Clones: Facts and Fantasies about Human Cloning
    by Martha C. Nussbaum (ed)

  • Remaking Eden: Cloning and Beyond in a Brave New World
    by Lee M. Silver

  • Redesigning Humans
    by Greg Stock

  • The Second Creation: Dolly and the Age of Biological Control
    by Ian Wilmut, Keith Campbell and Colin Tudge

  • Fiction:
    Brave New World
    by Aldous Huxley