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Suggested Articles

Blood Could Generate Body Repair Kit

"A small company in London, UK, claims to have developed a technique that overturns scientific dogma and could revolutionise medicine. It says it can turn ordinary blood into cells capable of regenerating damaged or diseased tissues. This could transform the treatment of everything from heart disease to Parkinson's."

Human Cloning Marches On, Without U.S. Help
by Nicholas Wade

"The production of the first human cloned embryo in Seoul last week marked a fine achievement for South Korean scientists. But it underlines the price the United States may pay for its unresolved debate over human embryonic stem cells: if American researchers lose their technical lead, Washington will also forfeit the chance to set the ethical rules of the game."

GU to Continue Controversial Research: Use of Aborted Fetal Cells Prompts Probe at Catholic Institution
by Amy Argetsinger and Avram Goldstein

"The letter last fall from an antiabortion group posed an unexpected quandary for Georgetown University Medical Center.
A Florida-based group wrote to Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick of Washington that some scientists at Georgetown, a Catholic university, were doing research using cells derived from aborted fetuses...In a recommendation that scholars said could mark a first in Catholic medical research in the United States, Georgetown has decided to let those researchers continue their work."

Statement by Academy President Bruce Alberts on Renewed U.N. Debate on a Proposed Global Ban on Cloning Research

"The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has joined 66 other members of the InterAcademy Panel, a worldwide organization of science academies, in asking the United Nations General Assembly to refrain from again taking up a proposed resolution that would call upon nations to outlaw all research on cloning, whether it be for therapeutic or human reproductive purposes. After an earlier failed attempt to do so, the government of Costa Rica intends to reintroduce such a resolution this week."