Student Pugwash USA is launching a new general-membership program, to bring our mission and events to the general public. We do this for three reasons:

  • More than ever before, it is imperative to promote a pro-science message, and to use evidence and research as our guiding principles for the choices we make as citizens and in our communities.
  • Through our general membership, we will raise additional resources to devote to our student mission. While members are able and welcome to dedicate their funding to programs that support all members, students and non-students alike, we have dedicated funds specifically for student programs, and will encourage members to focus there.
  • Our educational mission for young people is first and foremost, but historically there has been a gap between the population Student Pugwash serves, here and internationally, and the senior scientists reached by "Senior Pugwash." We aim to fill that gap, and provide an outlet for discussion and organization for anyone interested in our programs or mission.
We are still in progress determining our membership program's setup, and dotting the i's and crossing the t's necessary to get started. If you are interested, please don't wait: drop us a line at