Pugwash general membership program: opening soon!

5Our new membership programs for student and general members are both due to open very soon. We're just filing down rough edges and making sure all the commas are in the right place.

Our new general membership program is to bring the principles and programs of Student Pugwash to the "post-educational" community. (We sometimes call this "Pugwash for grownups," but we don't want to imply our students aren't.) Meanwhile, our new student membership program is for all current students in our existing chapters, but also so we can involve students in locations where there isn't one. 

When the new website launches, so do the programs. If you want to be alerted when it does, sign up below. If you know you want to join now, the dues are:

  • Students (must be 13 and up; high school, college, graduate, and professional students all welcome): $12
  • Recent grads (defined as three years since graduation, or "until you get a decent job"): $36
  • Students and recent grads can request waived dues for financial hardship; email contact@spusa.org.
  • General membership: $60
  • Optional membership circles:
    • Einstein Circle: $150
    • Russell Circle: $300
    • Cyrus and Anne Eaton Circle: $500
    • Ruth Adams Circle: \$1,000
We are taking electronic dues payments via Facebook until the website launches. If you are allergic to Facebook or just prefer other methods, you can get in touch or mail a plain ol' paper check to: 700 12th St NW, Suite 700-93149, Washington DC 20005 USA. (Be sure to let us know how to reach you if you do it that way.)