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Sample Request for Travel Funds


Deans's Office
910 Fifth Avenue
Accidental College
City, State 45678

Dear Dean Smith,

Recently, three students affiliated with Accidental College were invited to attend the 35th Annual Student Pugwash USA (SPUSA) National Conference on Science and Social Responsibility. The date of this conference is October 26-29, 2015. I am writing to you because the Accidental College conference delegates are in need of financial support to cover travel expenses to attend this conference. Once in Washington, DC, all on-site expenses during the conference, such as meals and accommodations, will be covered by SPUSA. Therefore, we are seeking financial support for our airfare, estimated to be $350.00 round-trip per person.

The mission of Student Pugwash USA is to promote the socially responsible application of science and technology. As a student organization, SPUSA encourages young people to examine the ethical, social, and global implications of science and technology, and to make these concerns a guiding focus of their academic and professional endeavors.

As members of Accidental College Student Pugwash, we regularly organize events on topics such as the Terminator Gene, Satellite Technology and Human Rights, Global Warming and Alternative Energy Sources, among others. This conference represents a unique opportunity that brings together future leaders and decision-makers from all over the world to discuss issues critical to the world today. Participating in this national event in the past has been essential to our successful organizing on the Accidental campus; members who have attended in the past return to campus with markedly increased organizing abilities and substantive information and materials to relate to the College community.

The Accidental College delegates who wish to participate in the conference are:

Jane Doe
John Smith
Jessica Johnson

As mentioned above, the delegates would like to share the participants' experience with the campus community. We expect to publish articles in various publications and to hold at least one panel discussion with all of the delegates upon their return.

As the coordinator of fund-raising efforts for this conference, I will be seeking funds from other sources for the Accidental College delegates.
The following is a summary of the requests which are currently pending:

  1. Individual requests submitted to Dean Cerny of the Graduate Division.

  2. Joint request submitted to the Executive Director, Barb D. Wire, Exotic Studies Department.

  3. Joint request submitted to Dean Lewis of the Interdisciplinary Studies Department.

  4. Application submitted to the Graduate Assembly for the Education Improvement Grant.

  5. The Engineering Alumni Association is considering our request but cannot make a decision until a budget meeting scheduled for August 31, 2014.

At the moment, I will be the only Accidental College delegate that will attend the conference. Without some financial support, the other candidates will not be able to afford the travel expenses. Partial support will guarantee Accidental College representation at this conference. As I am graduating this year, I must attend to represent the chapter to vote in the election of our student representative to the Student Pugwash USA Board of Directors. John Smith and Jessica Johnson are currently in their second-year of courses at Accidental and will be the leaders of our chapter for the next two years. It is therefore crucial for the survival of our chapter that they be introduced to the national level of the organization.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this request. If you have any questions, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jane Doe
(o) 555-9999
(h) 555-5555


  1. Information on the conference

  2. Biographies of Accidental College Conference delegates

  3. A fund-raising strategy and funding inquiry summary

  4. Letters of support for delegate Jane Doe

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