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Student Board Members

Election Guidelines for Student Board Members

Updated Spring 2008

Student Board Members are elected by students to serve on the Board of Directors of Student Pugwash USA. The responsibilities of the Student Board Members include:

  • Participating in Board meetings to bring the student perspective to the programs of SPUSA. Meetings are held two to three times a year in Washington, DC (travel expenses, if necessary, will be covered by SPUSA).

  • Communicating with chapters and members of SPUSA to learn about their needs and accomplishments, as well as to get general feedback about the goals and activities of SPUSA.

  • Communicating with SPUSA’s national office to convey student ideas and opinions and to provide the staff with support in reaching out to new or established SPUSA campus programs.

  • Participating in the hiring and performance evaluation of staff members whose main responsibilities include working directly with the chapters.

Student Board Member elections take place annually. Each year, three representatives are elected for two-year terms. Reelection is not permitted; however, it is possible for a ‘graduating’ Student Board Member to be invited to join the Board of Directors as an alumni representative or as a senior member.

The elections shall take place according to the following procedures:

  1. The existing Student Board Members will act as coordinators of the election process. They will distribute these election guidelines four to six weeks prior to the election.
  2. Any participant in Student Pugwash USA programs can run for election.
  3. All members of Student Pugwash USA are invited to nominate candidates. Candidates can nominate themselves. Interested parties should write up a short description with their pertinent information (school, year, major, past involvement with Student Pugwash USA) and why they want to be a Student Board Member.
  4. Candidate biographies and statements will be posted on SPUSA’s website so that voters may evaluate the candidates before the election. Voters may submit questions to Student Pugwash USA for the candidates, and both questions and answers will be posted online.
  5. Beginning four to six weeks prior to elections, the national office will compile a database of voter names and email addresses from existing chapter rosters, event participation lists, and other related sources. This voter email database will be uploaded to the website hosting the election two days before the election. The national office will take care to use a reputable online voting firm that will protect the privacy of these email addresses and will not share the information with other parties.
  6. On the appointed election day, each voter will receive an email from Student Pugwash USA with directions on how to cast their vote at the online voting website. Each member receives only one ballot; casting multiple votes will not be permitted by the online election system. Votes will be accepted for 48 hours from the start of the election.
  7. After all votes have been cast, the national office will send the results to the current Student Board Members, who will announce the candidates that received the largest number of votes. In the event of a tie, a second round of voting will be held, taking into account only those candidates that received equal amount of votes.
  8. All participants are entitled to verify the results of the election.
  9. Any situation not covered by these guidelines will be resolved by the coordinators of the election process, in consultation with the national office. Changes to these guidelines must be approved by the SPUSA Board of Directors.

Questions about these guidelines may be sent to the national office or to current Student Board Members.

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