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Regional Conferences

Student Pugwash USA partners with schools planning regional events. An event proposal should be submitted three months in advance to the SPUSA staff. SPUSA will work with the event coordinator to provide the following:

  • SPUSA may provide students with printed labels for a mailing and/or send a mass email to people in area of conference;

  • SPUSA will post information under the features section of the SPUSA home page two months prior to the event. Information will include the conference agenda highlighting keynote speakers along with an online application. Event logistics will be posted under the event section of the web site. All applications will be directed to main contact person.

  • SPUSA will send the regional event announcement on the SPUSA email list beginning at least one month prior to the event;

  • SPUSA will arrange phone meetings in which coordinator(s) and SPUSA representatives can discuss any evolving issues and gain updates on the status of the event. Meetings will be planned based on the coordinator(s)' schedule and amount of assistance required;

  • SPUSA may provide event packets including name badges, SPUSA brochures and handouts, and a conference evaluation; and

  • When possible, a SPUSA representative will attend event and aid coordinators with event logistics.

***SPUSA's Executive Director will determine the amount of funds provided by the national office for the regional event on a case by case basis.

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Regional Conferences
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