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Recruitment Quiz

EcoLogic, the former Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Student Pugwash chapter, focused mainly on environmental problems and how the students at RPI could apply their growing knowledge, skill, and talent base to tackle some of these problems. Thus, the EcoLogic Project created the following quiz to educate and recruit new students.

Brought to you by the Environmental Education Center and EcoLogic.

1. The Kyoto Protocol calls for a reduction in which of the following? 

a) solid waste b) prostitution c) carbon emissions d) nuclear weapons

 2. The Environmental Education Center is located in:

a) Sage Labs b) Ricketts c) JEC d) Lally

3. Oil (Petroleum) comes from:

a) gas stations b)WD-40 c) meteorite impacts d) fossils

4. Approximately how many landfills are currently open in the U.S.?

a) 100 b) 1,000 c) 1,500 d) >2,000

5. Earth is currently undergoing a 6th Mass Extinction:

a) True b) False

6. Which of the following is not recyclable?

a) corrugated cardboard b)glass bottle c) used napkins d) newspaper

7. The Greening and Conservation Coordinators can be found in:

a) Sage Labs b) Union c) CII d) Service Building

8. How much energy does RPI use every year?

a) 100,000kWh b) 1,000,000kWh c) 10,000,000kWh d)40,000,000kWh

9. Which of the following is the more efficient method of lighting?

a) compact fluorescent b) incandescent

10. Which of the following is NOT a TRUE description of PCB'S?

a) endocrine disruptors b) non-water soluble c) the taste like chicken d) banned in 1979

Survey Questions

1. How important do you think conservation is?
(1=who cares...5=save the planet!)

2. Have you heard of EcoLogic?

3. Did you know that there is a solar array behind the VCC?

4. Would you like to see more emphasis on the environment @ RPI?

5. What areas do you think RPI could most improve on?

Answers:1-c 2-a 3-d 4-d 5-a 6-c 7-d 8-d 9-a 10-c

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