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Recruiting Members

The first step toward establishing a SPUSA chapter on campus is to recruit a core group of members. Below are some suggestions to start...

  • Friends who share similar interests concerning science and social responsibility.

  • Faculty who teach classes on related topics.

  • Student groups on campus.

  • Contact the national office to help locate students in your area.

Recruitment Strategies and Tips

Faculty and Staff Outreach
Utilize faculty to help recruit students. Flyer faculty mailboxes and ask professors to announce upcoming meetings in their classes.

Campus Media
Ask your school paper to do an advance story on the establishment of a SPUSA chapter at your school, an interview with the executive committee of your chapter, or a story on one of your major events. Be sure to have your name, phone number, and email included so interested people can contact you. Campus media coverage is an excellent form of publicity; find out about public service announcements (PSAs) on campus radio and television stations.

Information Table
Set up a table in the student center or other high-visibility areas and provide information for students. An effective table is colorful, interactive, and informative. Display SPUSA informational brochures as well as those for upcoming conferences. Advertise your next meeting with a poster or flyer. Engage fellow students by first learning about their interests and then linking that to ways in which membership would benefit them.

Email and the World Wide Web
Use your campus email network to send out announcements about ways to get involved in your chapter. Think about designing your own web site so that interested people can view upcoming events. Also, be sure to register with the national office to post your chapter information and events on the SPUSA web site,

Contacting Campus Groups
Get to know other like-minded organizations on campus. Find out what kind of events they put on and who tends to come. Talk to them about co-sponsoring an event with your chapter.

Advertise SPUSA on your campus, download a flyer (99K PDF).

Start a chapter: See Chapter Organizing Guide

Review tips on becoming an effective faculty advisor.

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