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Getting Noticed

Attracting students' attention among the many campus fliers is important. Make advertisements stand out with the suggestions below.

  • Use consistent logos and symbols so they are easily recognized as SPUSA events.

  • Poster and flyer school in communal areas: lecture halls, student centers, bathrooms, plazas, stairwells, water fountains, dorms, etc. Posters and banners should be large, easy to read, and eye catching.

  • Highlight contact information on all publicity items.

  • Place table tents in dining halls and student centers a week before the event.

  • Ask professors to send a quick email to their class lists if your event is on a relevant topic.

Using the School Media

Utilizing your school's newspaper, radio, and/or television station is an excellent way to notify people about events.

  • Send letters to the editor.

  • Submit an article about a recent chapter event.

  • Announce upcoming events in the calendar section.

  • Write a regular column that discusses issues featured at chapter events.

  • Send a press release and/or PSA announcing an upcoming event.

  • Request campus press coverage at an event.

  • Arrange a live web cast of your event through the audio/visual department.

  • Host a call-in radio program or talk show on SPUSA issues.

The Community Connection

Interested members of the community can provide speakers, advice, and information. Publicity is the key to getting people involved in events. Target community groups such as:

  • Relevant professional societies.

  • Other schools, including elementary, middle, and high schools (depending on the event); involve faculty, students, and parents.

  • Organizations with special interest in SPUSA issues.

Advertise SPUSA on your campus, download a flyer (99K PDF).

Start a chapter: See Chapter Organizing Guide

Review tips on becoming an effective faculty advisor.

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