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Public Service Announcement

Public service announcements (PSAs) are essentially free advertisements for community organizations. Radio stations are required by law to play a certain number of these per day. PSAs can either be a written script read live or a recording that can be played directly on the air. A written PSA should be typed double-spaced and delivered to the radio station at least a day or two (if not more) in advance.

  • Indicate the date of release, organization, contact name, and number at the top of the release.

  • Use short sentences and phrases.

  • Gear the announcement to your interested audience.

  • Alert the reader to attachments and enclosures.

Sample PSA:

The Student Pugwash USA chapter at Accidental University will hold a panel discussion entitled "Race and the Incidence of Environmental Hazards." AU Student Pugwash USA promotes the socially responsible application of science and technology in the 21st century. The public is invited to attend this session, Wednesday evening, October 4 at 7:30 PM, in the auditorium of the Student Center.

For more information, contact the program coordinator, John Doe, at 555-1997.

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