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SPUSA Chapter Program

SPUSA campus-based chapters enable students to convene regularly to discuss science, technology, and society. Today, students on campuses across the country are participating in dozens of local, regional, and national events. Chapter activities range from a 'hands on technology night' on lie detector technology, roundtable discussions on technology and international development, lectures on climate change and society, and conferences on the future of governing emerging technologies.

SPUSA activities empower students to take control of their own education and shape it in unique ways. An active leader in the chapter program will come away with organizing and public speaking skills, knowledge of successful event planning, and a new capacity in which to view the role of science and technology in society.

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History of Chapter Program

After the 1981 International Student Pugwash conference, SPUSA chapters were established at five campuses across the United States. Due to students' desire to have an ongoing forum to discuss science, ethics, and world affairs, the chapter program grew. Today, students on campuses across the country are participating in hundreds of local, regional, and national events.

Comments from Chapter Members

"My involvement in Student Pugwash [USA] has shaped the way I approach learning and decision making. I am critical of one-sided presentations of issues and try to learn as much as possible before aligning myself. Through Student Pugwash I have been exposed to a wide range of topics and questions that do not fit into the typical undergraduate curriculum. My chapter tries to share this exposure with the university community, and we find ourselves learning as we educate."
      -University of Wisconsin, Madison chapter member

"For five years now, I have been involved in Student Pugwash USA. Throughout this time, it has remained the single constant force in my life which has consistently challenged me to think and act in a new way. More than any other experience, my involvement with Student Pugwash has made me grow as a person, both intellectually and ethically. Through Pugwash [Conferences on Science and World Affairs], I've been able to actively participate in working groups with [the] world's leading experts on the most pressing issues facing our world, from emerging infectious diseases to education for world citizenship. No other organization offers students this type of opportunity. Through Student Pugwash, I've learned what's involved in running an organization, what kinds of challenges await scientists and professionals in the real world, and what it means to live according to an ethical system which, above all, values our humanity. Through Student Pugwash, more than any other force, I've become who I am today."
      -Stanford University chapter member

"Quite frankly. . .Student Pugwash [USA] was the inspiration for my interest in peace and security issues. . . As a biomedical engineer at a place like Hopkins, I wouldn't have had a chance. . .to talk about these issues, much less to develop a heightened perspective on them, or to be put in touch with others who also are interested in them - not without the help of Student Pugwash."
      -Johns Hopkins University chapter member

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