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Event Planning Check-off List

90 Days Prior      
Contact the national office      
Gather core organizers      
Set goals for the event      
Select conference dates      
Estimate total guests      
Plan a funding strategy      
Set tentative agenda      
Determine speakers      
Send out speaker invites      
Prepare publicity strategy      
60 Days Prior      
Reserve location      
Arrange for catering      
Set pre-registration date      
Decide on conference book content (include agenda, speaker bios, SPUSA page)      
Determine agenda      
Print out direction maps      
Design brochure or flyer      
Send out official invitations      
Request SPUSA info. page from national office for booklet      
Request conference evaluation form from SPUSA      
Advertise, Round 1      
list serve
brochure mailing
web site
post on SPUSA web site
contact interested professors
30 Days Prior      
Due date for pre-registration      
Send out confirmations to participants      
Create participant database      
Advertise, Round 2      
list serve      
brochure handout      
school paper write-up      
Send speakers agenda and direction letters      
Draft speaker bios      
Proof speaker bios      
Proof conference agenda      
Edit final speaker bios      
Edit final conference agenda      
Send conference booklet pages to printers      
Send logistics to participants      
Two Weeks Prior      
Send out press release      
Send out PSA      
Finalize audio and visual equipment reservations and set up with school      
Finalize catering arrangement      
Print conference evaluation sent from SPUSA      
3 Days Prior      
Confirmation reminder- catering      
Confirmation reminder- AV equipment      
Confirmation reminder-meeting rooms      
Set up for conference      
Maintain participant database      
Print out name tags for participants      
Print out name plates for speakers      
Pack extra pens, paper, tape, markers, and all conference booklets and name tags      
Day of Event      
Catering set-up      
AV set-up      
Room set-up      
Set up registration table—SPUSA brochures, conference booklets, name tags, pads of paper, pens, registration list      
Hand out evaluation at end of conference      
1 Week Following      
Email list of student participants and speakers with contact info to SPUSA      
Write a report and evaluation for your chapter and SPUSA files      
Write thank you letters to speakers and sponsors      
Pay bills      
Follow up email to all participants      

Advertise SPUSA on your campus, download a flyer (99K PDF).

Start a chapter: See Chapter Organizing Guide

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Event Planning Checklist


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