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Writing the Constitution

Gain Official Recognition on Campus

Most schools require student groups to present a constitution when applying for official recognition. Your school requirements will determine the specific content of the constitution. A constitution outline follows:

General Constitution Outline


Include what led to the creation of SPUSA and the formation of a SPUSA chapter on your campus.

Article I. Name
The name of this organization shall be the _______ chapter of Student Pugwash USA.

Article II. Purpose
This is the most flexible portion of the constitution. Emphasize the chapter's efforts to lead discussions that examine the ethical, social, and global implications of science and technology. Detail specific goals of your chapter in this section.

Article III. Membership

  • Who is eligible for membership?

  • Are there different categories of membership?

  • What are the rights and responsibilities of the different members?

  • Are there dues for chapter members? What are they?

  • Can a member be removed? For what reasons? How?

Article Article IV. Officers

  • What are the offices and who may qualify for each office?

  • What are the duties of each officer? (This section must clearly state the reasons for having the position, as well as the responsibilities of the position.)

  • What procedure is followed in the event of a vacancy?

  • How is an officer removed?

Article V. Elections

  • How often are elections held?

  • Who is eligible to run for office?

  • How are students nominated?

  • How far in advance and by what means are nominations and elections announced?

  • Who is eligible to vote in elections?

  • How are winners determined?

We recommend holding elections before the end of spring semester or quarter; this secures leadership for the fall and planning time for fall recruitment.

Article VI. Finances

  • Who is responsible for the collection and disbursement of funds?

  • Who authorizes expenditures?

Article VII. Meetings

  • How often are meetings held?

  • How are members notified of such meetings?

  • How are decisions made (secret ballot, unanimous consent, majority vote)?

  • Are there dues for chapter members? What are they?

  • What constitutes a quorum at meetings or elections?

Article VIII. Faculty Advisor(s)

  • How are faculty advisors selected?

  • What is their role in the chapter?

You may want to consider establishing a faculty advisory committee.

Article IX. Amendments to the Constitution

  • By what procedures are amendments proposed, discussed, and ratified?

  • How are amendments incorporated into the constitution?

  • What is the percentage of voting members needed to adopt an amendment

Advertise SPUSA on your campus, download a flyer (99K PDF).

Start a chapter: See Chapter Organizing Guide

Review tips on becoming an effective faculty advisor.

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