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Student Pugwash Call-out

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A call-out to students interested in promoting a safer world for tomorrow by examining the social implications of today.

Who is responsible for the public health of a developing nation?

Should the United States develop new nuclear weapons?

Should biological studies be restricted to protect national security?

What is environment justice?

Explore these and other pressing issues while making a commitment to social responsibility in your research and work.

Student Pugwash USA (SPUSA) is an educational, nonprofit organization that strives to add a dimension to academic study that goes beyond formulas and figures. Activities empower young people to probe the social dimensions of scientific advancement and the implications of technology on citizens' everyday lives.

While examining all sides of an issue, SPUSA increases students' ability to think independently about the issues that affect society -- ranging from international conflict to environmental protection, from genetics research to civil rights. SPUSA focuses on the interplay at the intersection of science, technology, and policy.

We are currently building our Student Pugwash Chapter. If you would like information on how to organize a group, please contact --- or SPUSA's national office at For more information on Student Pugwash, visit

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