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Becoming an Effective Faculty Advisor

Find dedicated student(s) Consider which students are most interested in science, technology, and social responsibility. Approach them with information about the organization, and talk about starting a new campus chapter. Give them the contact information for the national office ( and a brief overview of what chapters do.

Give support Before a chapter gets recognized by the university, it is often hard to find meeting space for an initial meeting. Let the students meet in your office for an initial meeting. If you have any discretionary funds as a department member, use these to pay for things like advertisements and printing costs, or let them use your department copy machine.

Use your connections It is often hard for students to find speakers and resources for chapter meetings. Ask colleagues to speak at a chapter meeting, or use your connections to find an interesting subject matter for the group to discuss.

Mediate and advise It is your job as a faculty advisor to ensure that the chapter is moving in a positive direction. Intervene if you feel that one student is getting stuck with all of the work, or if you feel that the actions of the group are not congruous with the mission of SPUSA. Point students in the right direction when they are feeling frustrated or confused.

REMEMBER: Students often bite off more than they can chew. If you feel that a chapter member has taken on too much responsibility, help delegate some of these tasks. SPUSA is meant to enhance the academic experience, not hinder it.

Advertise SPUSA on your campus, download a flyer (99K PDF).

Start a chapter: See Chapter Organizing Guide

Review tips on becoming an effective faculty advisor.

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