About Us

Student Pugwash USA is a member of an international network of Pugwash organizations, including the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs and International Student/Young Pugwash, the umbrella organization for Student Pugwash organizations around the world. Despite our name (which includes “USA” for historical reasons), we do not limit our membership to US borders or American citizens; instead, we encourage our international members to become active with Pugwash organizations in their regions as well. 

Current leadership of Student Pugwash USA: 

Board of Directors:
  • David Guston
  • Jeff Porten, Chair
  • Richard Rhiew
  • Dann Sklarew
  • Rachel Svetanoff, Vice-Chair
  • Dirk Trojan, Vice-Chair

Board of Advisors:
  • Ruben Aronin
  • Tony Bradshaw
  • Rick Bryant
  • Chuck Chung
  • Pamela Clarke-Torres
  • Josh Freudenhammer
  • Ezra Friedman (ISYP representative)
  • Natalie Goldring
  • Christine Henry
  • Rian Leith
  • Indira Nair
  • Anna Péczeli
  • Victoria Powers
  • Aymerik Renard
  • Carlo Schaerf
  • Varun Susarla
  • Ryan Svetanoff
  • Daniel Wall