Science and Technology in the 2012 Elections Contest

If you could send a message on a science, technology, or energy issue to the next U.S. president and Congress, what would it be?

Voice your vision for science, technology, and society to win cash and other prizes!
GRAND PRIZE: $2,000 

Energy transitions. Climate change. Stem cells. Nanotechnology. Space security. Neglected diseases. Nuclear weapons. 

Science and technology issues are extremely important in U.S. policy and society. The next U.S. president, Congress, and local leaders will confront topics that matter to young people, such as climate change, energy security, space policy, and U.S. economic competitiveness in science and engineering.

The MIT student who started the SPUSA election guide in 2004 thought that input from young people everywhere could help guide the direction of U.S. science and technology policy. These issues affect not only the United States, but the international community as well. You are encouraged to tell the next president and Congress what initiatives you think they should take to address your science, technology, or energy issue. Make your voice heard about these critical issues today! 

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Here’s how to deliver your message:


Prize monies are provided by the Professional Masters in Science & Technology Program at Arizona State University and Student Pugwash USA.

EXTENDED DEADLINE: November 4, 2012

TO ENTER: Fill out the Registration Form and attach or link to your submission. Please see the checklist below before submitting in your submission.

ELIGIBILITY: Please ensure that your submission is eligible and complete before submitting it. Your entry must directly address the question above to be eligible. Submissions that endorse a particular political candidate for office will not be accepted. Contestants must be between the ages of 16-25, and/or enrolled part-time in an accredited high school or university, at the time of submission to be eligible to win prizes. Read the guidelines below and our FAQ before submitting. If your question is still not answered, email us at When awaiting a response, please bear in mind that Student Pugwash's business hours are 9am-5pm Pacific Time. We look forward to receiving your submission!

QUESTIONS? Read our FAQ Page!


Before you submit your entry, do the following:

  • Made sure your entry sends a specific message to the next U.S. president and Congress on a science, technology, or energy issue.
  • Read the contest guidelines and rules to ensure your entry is eligible (below).
  • Read the FAQ Page
  • Make sure your entry complies with the 750-word limit for essays and 5-minute limit for sound or video.
  • Proofread your entry.
  • Included your name on your submission.
  • All entries must be the contestant's original work and must not infringe on copyright laws. Make sure you have permission to use any material that is not your own and give credit to the author. See the FAQ Page for details.
  • Please do not submit essays in Word Perfect format. Text files and Microsoft Word documents are acceptable formats.
  • Expect to receive a confirmation email within four business days from Please make sure that your spam filter accepts mail from this address in order to receive important communications regarding the contest/













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