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Student Pugwash’s Science Policy & the 2008 Elections Survey

Background: Young voters, ages 18-25, showed overwhelming concern about science, technology, and health policy issues in an informal survey conducted in fall 2007 through the popular social networking website, Facebook. This survey was designed by Student Pugwash USA and conducted by Dave Lester, a web developer at the Center for History of New Media at George Mason University, to gauge young voters’ opinions on science and technology policy issues and the impact these issues will have on young people’s vote in the 2008 elections. Climate change and privacy/civil liberties were the top concerns among young voters, while energy policy and health care closely followed behind. Peruse a sampling of the results below, or download the full report (pdf).


Issues that Ranked Most Important to Young Voters:

Climate Change


Energy Policy


Privacy and Civil Liberties


Where Young Voters are Divided: Some areas of science and technology policy were contentious among young voters. Those surveyed were almost evenly divided over expanding the role of nuclear power and prioritizing manned over unmanned space flight. Meanwhile, only 44% of young voters believed that the United States should spend a greater proportion of gross domestic product on scientific research.



Examining how Science, Technology, and Health will Impact Young Voters’ Voting Habits


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