Emc2 Election Multimedia Contest for Cash

Student Pugwash USA is pleased to announce the winners of the Emc2 Election Multimedia Contest for Cash (Read the official press release here):

Grand Prize
Bryan VanDuinen, University of Michigan
Energy/Environment: A New Apollo
"Our dependence on fossil fuels is the primary cause of the most significant crises of our time, and yet the general public remains largely ignorant of the scope and interconnectedness of these problems. As much attention should be given to this issue as is possible."
2nd Place
Kunle Demuren, Princeton University
Health - HIV/ AIDS: It's Not All Bad
"I chose to write this essay because I believe these issues are just as important to our nation's future as any other being discussed in the campaign."
3rd Place
Rebecca Tutino, Cedar Crest College
Science education: Science Education & The American Public
"Science education, usually lost among the many pressing science issues that are in the public sphere, remains a pressing issue that needs to be addressed.  As someone considering a career in chemical research, this contest presented itself as an opportunity to reiterate the criticalness of the situation."
Top Video
Jace Perrodin, Pikes Peak Community College
Stem cells: Do the Right Thing

"The next President and Congress of the United States will be taking the helm at a turbulent time in our nation's history. With so many pressing and difficult matters to deal with, I want to highlight the pressing issue – and the enormous promise – of stem cell research."

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A New Apollo
Grand Prize
By: Bryan VanDuinen, University of Michigan

Humanity is beginning to face a simple, but stark reality: our resources are finite, and we cannot maintain our levels of consumption. Most Americans understand the threats of global warming and terrorism and understand that we cannot continue our reliance on fossil fuels indefinitely. However, our problems run deeper than that; we have surprisingly little time to reach complete sustainability. The next president should thus establish a new Apollo Program with the goals of energy independence by 2020 and complete sustainability by 2050. [Read full entry]

It's Not all Bad
2nd Place
By: Kunle Demuren, Princeton University

The foreign policy of President George W. Bush has been widely maligned, and the American public’s disapproval of his policies is a major reason why he has become one of the most unpopular presidents in American history. However, whether you agree with Mr. Bush’s policies in the Middle East and elsewhere or not, we can all agree that he has taken at least one major step to help the people of the world, and help maintain a positive image for the United States: his global AIDS initiative. [Read full entry]

Science Education & The American Public
3rd Place
By: Rebecca Tutino

As this election cycle heads into its peak season, it is difficult not to notice the prevalence of science among the issues. While each has its tangible effects upon American and global society, possibly the most pressing is the deterioration of science education. Science, though still world-class at the university level, has suffered in compulsory education. Improvements to the state of science education will not only allow the United States to maintain its place in research, as well as maintaining economically competitive in industry and development, but also will give Americans who do not pursue science as a career a better background with which to make decisions regarding other issues. [Read full entry]

Do the Right Thing
Top Video
By: Jace Perrodin
Index of Finalists
Name Topic School
Joshua Baker Technology & Society University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Sarah Cowles Stem Cells John Brown University
Andrew Jakubowski Science Education Lenape High School
Michale Karlik Energy Efficiency University of Virginia
Laura Paliani Health Care University of Pennsylvania
Anu Parvatiyar HIV/AIDS Georgia Institute of Technology
Alexandra Ristow Science Education Yale School of Medicine
Sophie Luo Environment Neuqua Valley High School
Alan Sokol Childhood Obesity St. Maria Goretti High School
Justin Chenette Climate Change Thornton Academy
Jamie Sykes Climate Change University of Oklahoma
Andrea Willingham Renewable Energy R&D Home school
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