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2008 Science and Tech Policy Guide
From Electrons to Elections

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About the Project:

As the United States faces the complex web of nuclear proliferation, the impacts of climate change, and the challenges of global epidemics such as AIDS, the choices you, as a young voter, will make on science, technology, and health issues in 2008 will be critical to shaping policies that impact global interests. Building on SPUSA’s success in 2004 with our Online Election Guide, Student Pugwash will launch the 2008 Science & Tech Policy Guide to enable you to make informed choices and express your views on critical science policy issues. This initiative will offer you a one-stop, non-partisan, web-based resource on current policy information and resources. In order to have a more pronounced impact, SPUSA is currently surveying voters ages 18-25 in order to gauge their attitudes on science policy issues. Your input from the survey will inform the creation of the election guide.

The Science Policy Survey: Voice Your Vote Today!

While many organizations will be tracking the candidate’s opinions on issues in their niche areas, Student Pugwash will probe deeper, asking about the science policy issues that matter to you. Leading up to the publication of the guide, Student Pugwash is surveying 18-25 year olds via Facebook. Understanding your opinions at the outset of the project will help SPUSA to create an election resource that is more useful to you. The survey features:

  • Issue-based questions on peace and security, energy and environment, and health to gauge your opinions and level of interest
  • General questions regarding the importance of science and technology policy issues on your voting habits, as well as demographic information


The 2008 Election Guide (To Launch February 2008):

  • Your one-stop, nonpartisan resource on science, technology, and health policy issues
  • Discover the science policy positions of the presidential and key congressional candidates.
  • Issue briefs on key topics: peace and security, energy and environment, health, food and agriculture, emerging technologies, and research and development
  • Engage on the issues through polls, blogs, and other interactive online activities
  • You are invited to invest “ownership” in the guide through blog forums, opinion pieces, and contributing to the issue pages
  • Register to vote and look up information about your local candidates
  • Take a stand on these crucial issues by taking your opinions to the polls

About Student Pugwash USA: Student Pugwash is uniquely positioned to educate and engage young voters on the science, health and technology issues that will impact global security. SPUSA coordinates regional and national conferences, and other programs; a network of campus-based chapters; and online resources including the SPUSA website, blog, and listserv. To maximize our effectiveness, we work with partners in government, academic, and nonprofit sectors to give young people access to experts and information on cutting-edge topics. Since its founding in 1979, SPUSA has established strong connections with scientists and policymakers eager to engage the next generation on these issues. In the past year, we have worked with the National Academy of Sciences, AAAS, and the Food and Drug Administration, to name just a few.

The MIT chapter of Student Pugwash created the online elections guide on a smaller scale in 2004. This modest effort alone garnered the attention of Science Magazine, blogs and other online media sites. SPUSA presented the 2008 project plans to students at its national conference in April 2007, who responded enthusiastically and have continued to express interest in the project’s development. Student Pugwash’s access and connections to the finest science policy experts in the country, as well as the most dedicated students to these important issues, makes it an ideal organization to develop this project.

Project Partners:

The Ploughshares Fund

American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Institute of Biological Sciences

Americans for Informed Democracy

Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science

Scientists and Engineers for America





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